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The Creative Formula

The Creative Formula has four main components which are:  intent, desire, belief and surrender. The manifestation of your intent in the physical world is based on the human Creative Formula. For your thoughts to manifest, all four elements of the formula must be present.
Intent without desire, belief or surrender will not materialize.  Desire without focused intent, belief or surrender will not materialized and so on… Those four elements are necessary for the manifestation of what you want in your life.  Therefore, understanding this formula will help you having clarity on why your thoughts are not creating efficiently and hence will help you create consciously the life that you want.
Intent (or thoughts):
Everything starts with the intent.  Some of you will say:  ‘Of course I have the intent if I want to create a new job’.   Or ‘If I want to create, it means I must have the intent’. The problem is that your intent sometimes is not articulated and is not spoken.  It is just somewhere as a vague idea of what you want, but it is not clear enough, it is not specific enough.   You have to articulate it clearly and completely - that is part of the Creative Formula.  You need to have a clear intent:  articulate clearly, specifically your intent about what it is that you really want. 
The THOUGHT is the asking, the conscious choice and focus on your intent.  A thought generated must be maintained at least 14 seconds before it can be actualized.  Also if you have different thoughts on a given topic, for instance, you want to change job and you are thinking that you can work in your father’s business yet at the same time you think that you don’t want to work for someone else and would rather have your own business, then your thoughts are not focused on what you want to manifest.  You need to send a consistent signal and to create a momentum for what you really want.
The actual manifestation of your thoughts will depend on the momentum it has created.  The more precise, focused and controlled your thoughts, the stronger is the momentum and the faster it will manifest in the physical reality. 
Desire (or emotions):
The second component is your will or your desire.  It may sound very simplistic, but if you really think about it, sometimes you think you want something but if I ask if you really want to leave your current job to find another career, many of you will hesitate:  you are not 100% clear about what you truly desire, what you really want.  So in component number two of the Creative Formula, you need to make sure that you are 100% clear about your will and your desire on what you really want. 
The DESIRE is the will, the impetus, the fuel or passion of your intent.
Belief (and belief systems):
The third component of course is the belief.  Some people think belief is enough.  The reality is that you need to have all three other components along with the belief to be able to create.  If you don’t believe that you can manifest something, then you can try all you want:  it is not going to manifest!  It has been proven many times, even scientifically, that if you do not believe then you cannot manifest. 
Think about the placebo effect.  People have manifested a positive outcome by taking a sugar pill because they believed they would be healed. They thought that this sugar pill was the drug that they needed to heal and therefore, they manifested that result.
The BELIEF is the knowledge in self and the faith in your potential.  What happens often is that you may have a clear intent and a strong will, but since you have tried so many times to manifest something without success, you have come to create the belief that it is impossible for you to manifest the desired outcome.  Then you will need to clear your misaligned belief in order to manifest what you want.  Your creation will not happen without your belief that you can do it, etc. 
The reason why your thoughts and desires do not manifest immediately is due to the fact you have contradictory belief systems and unconscious blocks.
Surrender (or spiritual understanding):
 Finally, the last component but very important and often misunderstood is the ‘surrender’.  Surrender in the sense that you stop controlling the way everything has to happen.  Sometimes, you think you are letting go, but you really are not.  You still want things to manifest in your own way, at a specific time, at a specific place or in a precise setting…
SURRENDER is your recognition that you are a CO-CREATOR and therefore you need to trust that your spirit self and the universe will assist you in the materialisation of your intent.  You then become detached from the outcome…

All of this is a lot more subtle and complicated than it may seem at first glance.  This is why I am sharing these tools:  it is to help you to sort these things out.  It becomes clear, when you are clear. Then the signal that you send out in the unified field is clear and precise and that is how you create, not just with the law of attraction.  The law of attraction is what makes the two signals come together (the signal you send vs what matches your signal).  It is the magnetic law so to speak.  But you need to be aware of these four components in order for you to create what you really want. 
My goal is to help you work with this Creative Formula to manifest what you really want and  transition from what you think you are or what you have been all of these years throughout your life and transition into finally being Who You Really are.  That is major transformation!  But unless you understand how to create, how can you transform?  You cannot transform if you don’t know how to create the new ‘you’.  
You are going to transform not just your job or your career, but it will be an entire transformation of yourself. You will transform the way you are behaving socially, your beliefs system, your ethics, your values, everything about you.  Not just the way you are interacting with others, but also the relationship with yourself.  This is a big makeover, a complete transformation and we have to begin by understanding how the creation process occurs.  
By allowing yourself to become Who You Really Are, you will expand your consciousness and this will increase your potential for creation.
This is why you have to begin by understanding the creation process.  You have to also work on one area of your life at a time.  First, we will start by addressing the area of work and expression: Who You Really Are in terms of work.  This is an important topic in your 3D life and I get a lot of emails from people wanting to transition.  You have been doing something all your life that you don’t really want to do anymore, it is simply not you and you are wanting to transition to doing something that is more aligned with Who You Really Are. 
We will also talk about relationships with others, not just romantic, but also business relationships and relationship with one’s self.  And then, we will talk about social interactions and even your emotional being and the other aspects of your being so that eventually, it will be a whole transformation!  This will be an exciting discovery and experiential time!
So, in our next blog will we start focusing on the area of work and explore how to use the Creative Formula to manifest the work or the career that you want.

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