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Do You Know Who You Really Are?

For those of you who are new to this blog, we recommend to go back to the archives and read them in chronological order as this is a series with a logical development.  This series is intended to giving each of you the tools that will allow you to begin to manifest ‘Who You Really Are’ at the core of your being.  YOU are made with an energy that is not only your 3D reality.  Your 3D is made of different aspects:   work or career, relationships, physical body and many others…  In the previous blogs, we have begun our work on the way you express yourself in your work or career because there are so many of you who have pressed the ‘pause’ button and are either transitioning and don’t know how to move forward or you are really needing to change what you are doing.  Therefore, that is a very important concern for many of you.   As we continue on with the series, we will talk about relationships, being Who You Really Are in your relationships, being Who You Really Are with your physical body and how to manage all of that, socially, culturally, and so forth.

Up to now, we have been talking, thinking, asking and intending to create a reality that is based on Who We Really Are instead of based on fabricated belief systems that we inherited from our parents, society, teachers and all of this outside reality that really has nothing to do with Who We Really Are.

Before we continue where we left off last time, I would like to do a quick note about Source Energy.  Some of you think they are already connecting to Source because Source energy is everywhere, it is in the trees and nature etc.  And of course, yes it is;  however this is not the same energy that we are talking about here.  The energy of Source we are referring to is located at the center of this Local Universe.  It is a completely different energy.  To give you a visual to compare,  it is almost like if you are tapping into the headquarters of everything.  This energy is a lot more powerful than the energy you can tap into around you, at the planetary level.  It is like going to the shop next to your house which is a ‘Mom and Pop’ shop that has two or three items from the infinite potential of things that exist.  You can feel and receive Source energy through nature or other means but the true “Connecting to Source” is a completely different type of meditation that starts at the center of the universe, at the beginning of creation.  If you haven’t done it yet, I suggest you go back to our first communication and do the “Connecting to Source” meditation... I recommend you do this meditation every day, every time you need to raise your vibration, every time you need to align yourself with Who You Really Are…

Last time, we talked about the creative formula and we also talked about Who You Really Are as an actual entity.  We said that it is not a concept or an abstract idea out there floating in space.  You are an actual energy and to simplify it, we looked at it as if you have two energy fields.  Actually you have more than that, but for this work, we are going to focus on the two separate energy fields or energies that you are.  The first one is your physical body and of course your physical body has an energy field and so we are going to say that this energy field contains all of the human you, meaning the human DNA, the way you look, the way you behave and your so called nature; all the human elements that allow you to be who you are but as a human.  And to make things more complex, in this human energy field is also the additional information that you have been putting in your human DNA, because of all of the belief systems that are around you.  When you enter into this Earth reality and you have a family and then later on a school system and a social circle that makes you feel that you are not good enough unless you become a doctor or a lawyer or unless you have a big house one day and you are rich or unless you get married by a certain age and you have a family and children, etc. all of these imposed limitations or belief systems now trigger you into creating a new DNA.  It makes you add to your current human DNA, it makes you add all of this information. 

So it goes like this:  your human DNA as you enter here as a baby contains some information:  you are blond, you have blue eyes, you are this tall, you have this and that and also let’s not forget that you are supposed to be predisposed for this and that type of illness.  So that is how you enter.  Then as you grow up, you keep adding new information because you are a hundred percent convinced that you are not good enough, that you are not worthy and that you are also angry at life, that life on Earth is very complicated, that this is very confusing, that the spiritual connection is practically impossible and that your direct link to Creator is impossible, unattainable and so on and so forth.  So now your DNA that just contained a simple information to allow you to appear and to behave a certain way, now is making you behave in a completely new way. That becomes who you are as a human.  You become that.  You become an anxious, confused, angry, frustrated, unworthy being in addition to being blond, having blue eyes, and so on and so forth.  And that becomes the human you… 

It is important to realize that you didn’t come in this way.  This is a fabricated you, but because this information gets so deep in your cells, you truly think that this is who you are and then you start to play out this whole reality into your life.  So now just visualize for a moment that in this physical body and this energy field that we are going to call the human you, is contained all of this information - all of the blocks, all the insecurities, all of the anger - it is all contained in this bubble that we call the human you.  What we talked about last time and what we experienced in the “Connecting to Source” meditation is ‘the other you’.  And imagine that this other you is also an energy field and that this original energy field is separate and underneath the fabricated bubble and is a completely different set of information from the fabricated human information!  The real bubble has Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  In this bubble are the principles of Divine Creator, that’s it!   And that is how you were made, how your essence was created.  That is the original essence and DNA that is really you... Do you see or feel the difference?

I’d like you to have real clarity and to be able to separate these two bubbles.  On the right side, you have the human you and you have all of this stuff inside that bubble.  Name it with words such as ‘insecurity, confusion, anger, etc.’ and put them all in that one bubble.  Now look at it and notice how you feel.  For example, in the 3D reality, it is hard and it is exhausting.  Put this feeling in there, put it in the right bubble, put your physical body inside the bubble on the right hand side and let’s take a moment to write down all the things that you are as a human, ok?  Take a moment and don’t forget to put the good stuff too!  For instance:  ‘I am smart, I am funny, I have a very good heart, I love to help others.’  Everything that defines you as a human, you can put in this bubble, all the positive and the not so positive, the things that keep you stuck:  ‘I am confused, I am angry, etc.’.  So take a moment to really look at the human you and write this down in this one bubble.  And of course, you can continue this work later on.  For now,  take a moment to put your focus on this.  Right now, we are doing a lot of healing starting with this. 

So begin to identify the human “you” clearly.  Let’s put it on the table, instead of being confused, just let’s look at it, in our face.  For instance:  ‘Maybe I feel manipulated or I manipulate others’.   Just put it on there, put it on that piece of paper, in that bubble and say ‘this is the human me’, ok?  And by the way, this is only you evaluating you... so nobody will ever know.  So the more honest that you are, the more truthful that you are, the faster you are going to clear and heal yourself properly.  So I encourage you to begin this process now and of course you can continue at a later time if you prefer.

Then create another bubble on the left hand side of the page.  This one is the energy field that started at Source, the way you were created, and inside this bubble is unconditional Love,  Divine Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  It also contains the energy of Creator because these principles are the fabric that you were created with.  So this left bubble on the side contains the real you, Who You Really Are - there is only this Creator energy.

So now that you have clearly defined these two bubbles, one on the right that is the human you and the other one on the left that is the real you, I’d like you to take a moment and truly decide, and truly ask yourself if you really want to be Who You Really Are.   It sounds obvious, it sounds that is what you want and that is why you are doing this work but ‘how do you feel?’  What happens when you really ask yourself this question?  You are going to say ‘yes of course’.   But how do you feel?  Is your feeling matching what you are saying?  Do you really, really, really want to be Who You Really Are?  What happens, what comes up for you when you ask yourself this question?

‘It feels really wonderful’.... What else? (asked to the class). So what happens?  Ok, very interesting.  Some people are saying it feels really good, but some people are actually experiencing fear and anxiety and tightness in the body and it is at the same time it is an overwhelming relief.  Fear... exactly!  That’s precisely the point!  What happens is that we want this to happen, but when we truly look at it this way, in our face, and make the decision to be that... all sorts of stuff starts to come out... Of course, there is the excitement, but with that comes the anxiety, the fear, the tightness in the chest, the confusion, as to how this is going to come about.  Somebody else is saying ‘it feels like the heart is expanding but at the same time there is resistance’.  Somebody says ‘I feel sadness’... isn’t that interesting?  Some people are saying ‘I feel overwhelmed’, some people say ‘ I feel sad along the way, because I couldn’t learn how to be Who I Really Am’.  ‘I feel pain in my stomach and contraction’.  So again there is resistance - resistance to let go of some of the human stuff.  Isn’t that amazing?  Don’t you think that this is incredible?  You say ‘But I want to be me’, ‘I want to be Who I Really Am’ and yet when it really comes down to it, there is all this stuff that comes up...

I think we can really see that even if we say something, if we want something, when it comes down to it, there is all that stuff that comes up.  Why?  Because we have been so convinced, living every single day as the human me, that we don’t even know how to go back to this other place.  We don’t even know where to begin and when we want it and we feel expanded, it feels right, it sounds great but there is all this weird stuff that comes up because we have been focused on the human me for so long! 

So the work that we are going to do now is to help you reprogram yourself, so that you can detach or transmute these human traits that were fabricated and adopted along the way, so that you can easily move into Who You Really Are.  We cannot really create the job that we really want, for example, based on Who We Really Are, if we cannot BE Who We Really Are!  Do you see the problem?  That is why we need to go back to basics and this is what we will be doing in the next steps.

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