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How To Use The Creative Formula

At this point you understand that to create the work or career that you want you first need to know Who You Really Are.  And therefore, we are now ready to use the creative formula to show how you can reverse a problem by focusing on being Who You Really Are and actually achieving that.  For those of you who have not previously read about the creative formula, we recommend going back to our first communications and that will bring you up to date in this series. 

The creative formula is made up of four main elements:   intent, desire or will, belief and surrender.  You now realize that you really want to return to Who You Really Are and to be that true divine essence, but obviously it is not happening.  We are now going to take every single element of this creative formula and see how it works and how to apply it.

Element number one:  intent.   When was the last time you truly, clearly and deliberately, articulated your true desire to be Who You Really Are?  Have you really taken the time to do it?  I am sure you are feeling it somewhere, somehow but you need to articulate it clearly.  Intent has to be spoken.  It doesn’t mean that you have to tell somebody else, but you have to tell it to yourself.  You have to tell it precisely and deliberately because beyond the speaking something else is happening.  In one of our past communications, we have talked about the Mind Energy, the thought having an actual physical signal, an actual physical momentum.  As you speak something, there is a tiny, little electrical signal that comes out of your brain.  So if there is no intent behind that electrical signal, your signal is very low, it is like the voltage being very low.  The energy coming out of you is very small, therefore it doesn’t carry you very far, it just carries you for a day or two and then it dies out.  It is like if you are throwing a ball, but you don’t create a momentum and you just throw it two feet away from you.  That is not a very impressive signal. It is not very powerful.  So intent is not just about speaking but about directing that thought signal into the unified field.  Many of you have never taken the time to actually say or write down your intent. 

The signal has to be held for at least 14 seconds in a very particular way.  For instance, you can say something like this:  ‘I am now asking and intending to be Who I Really Am.  This means I am asking to return to my original divine DNA.  I am asking, intending and choosing right here, right now, to be that energy, the true divine essence that I was created from.  I choose, ask and intend right here, right now, to birth that true essence, my true divine self on this earth plane.’  And you can go on and on... So you have to articulate that intent and keep speaking it for at least 14 seconds and sometimes, you may need more. 

But for now, we are going to do this so that you can create the momentum.  Therefore, let’s articulate your intent, the first element of the formula, very specifically.  This is about manifesting Who You Truly Are and express it through your work or career.  You can say something like:  ‘I ask and intend, right here, right now, to be Who I Truly Am, to focus on my true divine essence that is pure, that is Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  It is that pure essence that is Who I Really Am and this I am choosing right now to birth in this physical body.  I am asking and I am intending right here, right now to create this 3D reality only from the pure essence that is truly me.  I want to be and experience that energy.  I want to feel and really know Who I Really Am.  I want to truly and fully experience my true divine essence…and you can keep going in your own words.  So now we have identified and looked at the first element of this creative formula. 

The second element is the desire, the will.  When we discuss the question:  ‘Do you really want to do that?’ for many of you, emotions of confusion and restriction come up within you.   If you have not experienced that, probably you were not totally in touch with yourself, because if you really look at it, you will find something else underneath.  If there is anything standing in the way, you are not going to manifest what you are asking.  So as we address the will and the desire, we are going to now let go of whatever is not aligned.  This is the time to say:  ‘I ask and intend to release the tightness in the chest, the restriction, the fear that I am feeling about being Who I Am.’  This is the time to release everything that you feel that is not so positive, that is negative or misaligned.  We are now going to ask the following question and ask yourself what you are feeling so we can begin to identify the feelings that you have to reverse:   ‘Do you really want to be Who You Really Are on this Earth, in this body, right here, right now?’  Take the time to really feel what this question brings in your heart center and whatever you feel is what you should reverse.  We are starting the process and you can continue on your own.

The third element is the belief.  This is the next question to ask yourself:  ‘Do you really believe you can do it?’  Do you really believe you can do this, in this incarnation, return to your original blueprint and be that energy at this level??   What comes up?  What happens when you ask yourself:  ‘Do you really believe you can do this?’  If there is any element of disbelief, then you cannot manifest this.  You cannot move forward, because your creation is based on this formula.  That’s how the creative formula works and if a part of you doesn’t believe, it is not going to work.

Somebody is saying:  ‘I really want to believe but I am not quite believing’. Somebody says: ‘Absolutely’.  Somebody says:  ‘Yes, but i think it will be interfered with’ ... ‘I don’t know, there is uncertainty’ and someone else says;   ‘I feel restriction in my throat’.  Somebody is saying:  ‘Yeah I believe it is possible as an idea, but there is a little bit of nervousness - there is tension and anxiety’.  And somebody else is saying:  ‘No.’    Do you see what is happening?  At first, it sounded like you really believed but what you really believe is:  ‘I don’t trust myself’.  That is the reason why this formula allows you to manifest what you want, which is to be Who You Really Are and manifest the work that you want.  It allows you to identify where you are not aligned with your manifestation.  If you don’t truly believe, then it is not going to work.  The way to correct this is to reverse the belief systems that are showing up and that are misaligned.  For example, somebody was saying: ‘I believe but I will be interfered with.’  This is a belief system, therefore you have to release the belief system that you will be interfered with by saying:  ‘I ask and intend to release the belief system that I can be Who I Am but there will be interference, from my conscious, subconscious mind and cellular memory.’  And you continue to clear the belief systems that are not aligned with your intent one at a time until you have cleared them all.  This is how to use this formula. 

The last item is surrender.  Surrender is simply to let you trust?  First you have to articulate the intent, then you have to speak and address the will and finally you have to reverse whatever belief systems are not working.  When you have these three elements in place, then you can look at the fourth one which is surrender.  Do you really trust that if you have the intent, the will and the belief in place that things will just happen, that it will manifest... maybe in a week, maybe in a month, maybe in a year, maybe in three years or maybe towards the end of your life, but it will happen and you are trusting.  The surrender has to do with trusting that the way it is coming and who is assisting you in the whole process is beyond your human understanding.  It is going to manifest by just letting go.  You are letting go of the control of how and how fast and how it needs to happen and in what form - that is the surrender.  As you can see, this is a very powerful formula.  And you can use this formula to identify why you are stuck and use it to reverse the misaligned elements so that you stop being stuck. 

Then we need to be more specific in terms of your actual work.  If you don’t accept to remember Who You Really Are in the first place, how can your work match Who You Really Are?  Therefore, step one is for you to manifest Who You Really Are and at the same time, from that, you then begin to create a work or career that is matching Who You Really Are.  Because this is a multidimensional experience, the process is quite complex.  You don’t have to finish working this formula completely for the first topic only, which is to be Who You Really Are, before addressing the work and then addressing the relationship.  It is not a linear process.  All of this could be happening at the same time, as you are working on:  ‘I want to be Who I Really Am in this lifetime’.  Simultaneously, you can also be working on the topic of work. 

It is preferable to not change too many aspects of your 3D life at the same time but these two go very well together and can be worked on at the same time.  You now have the tools and you know how this process works.  Now is the time to specifically speak about your work.  Last time, if you remember, we spoke about the energetic work that you are already doing, or that aspect that is the energy field called Who You Really Are.  And this aspect of you is sending out an energy.  Whether you are invoking it, whether you are wanting it or not, it is trying to express itself through your other energy field, the one that contains the Human You.  These two energy fields are superimposed.  They are on top of each other.  And so, even though you are not clear or specific, you have the Human You sending all these messages into the 3D reality and creating, but at the same time, this other aspect of yourself above you,  that is a little bit bigger, is also trying to filter through its own signal. However, because you haven’t been clear, you have not been invoking it.  So even though the Human You is totally creating and basically sending all these signals, we are going to ask the Human You to be invisible for a moment.   We will set it aside for a moment and just allow this bigger energy field of Who You Really Are to express itself.  So if you want, you can visualize the Human You as an energy field standing there and then superimposed is this bigger energy field of Who You Really Are.  Then we will make the Human You that is a smaller field, stagnant as if it was there, but not really there.  And we will experiment by allowing this bigger energy field, the Who You Really Are, to flow through the other energy field of the Human You and to just go out in the world and express itself and find its match.  I will guide you through an exercise that will make it easier to understand.

So we are going to allow this bigger energy to come through, just like a light and to ignore completely the Human You.  It is going to use the frame of your body but nothing that is in it.  It is going to bypass all the information that is in it.  It is going to use that physical frame and it will come out through the physical frame to find its way. 

The purpose of this exercise is for you to be surprised by being the observer.  You should avoid saying:  ‘Well I really want to do the healing work and I want to see how this energy of Who I Really Am is going to heal others.’  That is directing the exercise, because you are already saying that’s what you want.  In this guided exercise, you have to forget about what you think you want.  You are going to observe this light and you will watch it do whatever it is going to do and simply be the observer of where it is going to land.  Let me give you an example of what this light could do:  It could come through your body and then maybe it could merge with animals for instance.  It doesn’t mean that you have to work with animals.  Again make sure your human mind is not going to jump to conclusions but you are going to observe and see what it is doing to animals.  Is it healing?  Or is it changing something?  I don’t want to give you too much information but my point is to try to remain as if you are watching a movie – you are observing.  Allow yourself to be totally surprised!  This light could do something that doesn’t make any sense for example.  The energy is going to come out from you and maybe you will just create a shape in space or something that doesn’t make any sense and that will be ok, because you should not interpret what you are seeing.  The more you remain the observer and allow yourself to get out of the way, the more you are going to surprise yourself.

In our next communication, we will actually do this exercise which will be followed by a brief Q&A.  In the meantime, you should continue doing the 'Connecting to Source' meditation every day.

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