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Be Who you really are in intimate relationships

Greetings and welcome to our on-going series on "Dare To Be You", which gives insight into reclaiming the ability to be who you really are. (If you are new to this series, we would like to recommend that you consider enjoying the entire series, which can be found in the archives.

I am sure you are very well aware that as you come into this human form, you are inheriting a massive amount of programming and belief systems from many others; from society, from your parents, from your educators, from the church and basically from everyone and everywhere. As you continue to be bombarded with these belief systems, at one point you don’t even know what your own belief systems are - who you really are - because you get busy and distracted in trying to perform and to fit into this programming - just to feel that you belong.

We are now going to focus on intimate relationships and how to express yourself in an intimate relationship setting. As you know by now, you create through your intent and your thoughts. However, most of the time, you only see the manifestation of these thoughts way down the road. The main idea is to be very clear on what you are asking for so that you can manifest quickly. The idea is not to manifest just anything, like changing careers, getting another job or getting a house and this or that; this is all 3D. What is really crucial is to go back to a place that is really authentic. You have been programmed with belief systems that aren’t really yours and from which you are creating your 3D reality. You need to go back to your true authentic self to then create, through your own belief systems, something that is really aligned with who you really are. In an upcoming communication, we will help you to shed some of the belief systems that are part of your creative process –from an energetic aspect – with a guided exercise. Then you will be able to really manifest your authentic essence, and from this authentic essence, you can create whatever it is that you want.
Intimate relationships are important because ultimately all relationships with others begin with the relationship with your own self. So what are intimate relationships? It is about feeling exposed to someone else. It is about letting go of any veil, any sort of image that is projected onto others. All of a sudden, all of these veils fall and you feel that the other person can see very deeply and clearly into who you really are. This is where the discomfort begins because you are suddenly exposing your true inner being to another person, allowing this person to see deep into your soul. Therefore they can see very clearly your fears, your weaknesses, your frustrations, they can see where you are failing and that is why you are so uncomfortable with this intimate relationship concept.
What happens then is that you are immediately tying that exposure with expectations. You start to feel that if you are going to open yourself up to this other person, truly allow them to see deeply into your soul, you are expecting a level of trust and so the concept of expectations and trust are deeply connected with any sort of intimate relationship. And of course, as you all know, very often the 3D reality, even though you have opened up very deeply to another human being, makes it still turn out that the relationship does not work out. Therefore your expectations are completely shattered and you begin to lose the trust associated with opening yourselves and sharing your true inner being with others. And this is where you start to create new blocks in addition to the other blocks that are related to opening up your true inner being to someone else.
Then it becomes even more complicated as you add to your own belief system new beliefs that tell you that you are not supposed to open up and show your inner being to anybody else because others cannot be trusted. And from here, you start another vicious circle that keeps you in a place of not opening your inner being, your true self to someone else, because it is dangerous and you cannot trust it. This is why it is a very important issue. This is not just about opening yourself in terms of sexuality, it is about trusting, being who you really are in an intimate setting with one person; it doesn’t matter who. It gives you the sense that it is very difficult down here in this human form to have a trusting relationship, and it is something that simply doesn’t work. So these new belief systems simply get stronger and stronger as you get older. Then you realize that an intimate relationship eventually keeps you going in the wrong direction.
It is not allowing you to be who you really are (your true essence) and allowing this inner being to be shared! That is why intimate relationships are very sacred, very beautiful, very unique, very powerful and important. Because this is the time you can truly be who you really are and allow this inner being or inner soul to be shared with someone else. This is also why we are using this topic to bring up the possibility for you to go back to a place of peace with who you really are. This will allow your inner being to simply be and to be shared without any shame, without any confusion, without any expectations.
It is important to realize that allowing your inner being to simply be with another being will eventually allow you to simply be with who you really are, everywhere in your life.

In our next communication, we will review two other aspect that address this topic –which are control and identity.  Thank you for joining us in these considerations.

Extracted from the live series 'Dare To Be You!' To listen to the entire series, go to: Dare To Be You!

Until our next communication, for those who are serious and want to go deeper, you need to clear the way by releasing the unconscious blocks, the fears, the old programming that no longer serves you anymore. We recommend to visit our vast library containing powerful healing sessions and do them. These are powerful tools to help you clear your blocks and fears and they will support and help you on a higher level. No true self-realization can be achieved without releasing your unconscious beliefs and fears. This is why I deeply encourage you to do as much healing and clearing as you can. These tools have been developed so that anybody can have access to them easily by joining the GLOBAL CONNECTIONS PROGRAM and/or choosing any individual healing sessions from the library:

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