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The Creation Process Starts by Raising Your Vibration

The manifestation process starts by invoking the Source of Creation which lies within you and then working with Source to create an alignment that will allow you to really begin manifesting. I would like to share with you several insights which will enable you to understand vibration and particularly your own vibration. 

What is important to understand is that tapping into Source frequencies, invoking Source, aligning yourself with Source allows you to significantly raise your vibration. You shift from confusion, frustration, sadness or fear into a state of divine flow.  Therefore you immediately raise your vibration.  And when you raise your vibration you begin to create and to attract what you really want.  A tool that will serve you well is to learn the ability to shift from a negative state of mind to an uplifted state of being.  To shift your vibration all you have to do is ‘Connect to Source’ - ten minutes - and that shifts you immediately. 

However, it is not simply by shifting your vibration that you will obtain results but also by understanding the process of creation.  As you probably already know, with the ‘law of attraction’, you just need to ‘BE’ and then you attract your vibrational match.  But that’s not the entire process; this is just a physical law that allows energy to travel from point A to point B and to find a vibrational match.  That is not the complete picture of how the creative process works.
As a human being, you create in a specific way. If you were in a different type of form, like spirit form, you would create differently.  In spirit form, when you think about something and you place your focus in a certain way, whatever you think about, based on the way you have focused your mind channels, you will attract and  manifest what you were just thinking about immediately.  But in human form, it is a little bit trickier, because you are made differently.  You are within an Earth plane and an Earth grid where your physical brain is connected to a collective consciousness in a very intricate way.  There is a delay between your intent to create and the creation itself.
It is not enough to simply have a vibrational match.  The way to create is by using ‘the Creative Formula’.  With this tool, you will be able to understand the creation process entirely and therefore you will be able to find out why  your creations are not manifesting. 

Your thoughts are a form of visible energy, I can see that it is a form of energy that travels from your physical brain into the unified field and then that little particle of energy finds its vibrational match.  That’s how it works.   Therefore, if you want to create, you have to direct your thoughts in a specific way.  Since there is a tiny form of energy that needs to be directed into the outer reality then you as the sender of the signal have to be aware of how you are sending the signal.  If you understand what is occurring, you will begin to take control of how strong the signal is going to be.  In order to allow this creation process to happen with accuracy, with speed especially and with precision, you will have to use the  ‘Creative Formula’. 
I will explain the Creative Formula in my next message.  In the meantime, if you are new to this work, you will find the meditation 'Connection to Source' below:

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