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Sexual Intimacy in Intimate Relationships

Greetings and welcome to our on-going series on "Dare To Be You", which gives insight into reclaiming the ability to be Who You Really Are. (If you are new to this series, we would like to recommend that you consider enjoying the entire series, which can be found in the archives).

We will now finally bring up the topic of sexual intimacy in a relationship which is of course another important topic.  As you very well know by now, you have been inheriting the belief systems of others and in the area of sexuality it is even more apparent!  We are made to believe that it is normal that people who are born on this planet should be behaving according to other people’s belief systems, regarding sexuality….depending on what region or religion they are born into, whether this culture or a different one, this family or another one, this society or another, whether a male or female and so on and so forth. 

Have you ever taken the time to decide what your belief systems are on sexuality?  We are not taught in school nor at home that we have to decide for ourselves what our true belief systems are on every topic including sexuality.  We are simply going along trying to figure out how to deal with intimacy and how to be in relationships with others, with inherited beliefs, without  really taking the time to decide what sexuality is for us.  What do you believe regarding sexuality?  Do you agree with what you are being told?  Many of you don’t agree, yet you have not really taken the time to decide what your belief system should be.

It is very important for you to have clarity.  You create your 3D reality according to your beliefs.  If your beliefs are not clear, you cannot expect that your 3D reality matches something that is not clear!  This is like an agreement. Before you enter in any sort of relationship, like in a business one, you write down the terms of agreement!  In that sense, you have to take time to decide how sexuality is going to be in your belief system.  You should take the time to ensure that it is aligned with Who You Really Are and not with the way you have been accepting it all your life. 

The exercise that we are going to do together will bring up the importance of having practical tools that you can use to look at anything in your life.  If you notice that an area of your life is not working, that what you are attracting is not exactly what you are wanting, then stop and ask yourself:  ‘Do I even really know what my belief system is regarding this particular topic?’  Once you have decided what the terms of this agreement regarding this particular topic are, then your 3D reality is going to change because your inner being, your inner consciousness and the place from where you create is much clearer. 

I also want to bring up another important aspect:  when you are in a relationship (intimate or not) where you are sharing your inner being  (Who You Really Are) you are also allowing yourself to be.  You are allowing your human aspect to come out to deal with your humanity when share it with another person or other beings.  So when it comes to sexuality, the subject of you being in this physical body, in this physical form also comes up.  Because you have to be Who You Really Are, your true essence and your true divine self has to show itself through a human form.  Suddenly all of the issues that we have with the human body and the human form come up and this has to do with accepting our physical form, our physical body and our physicality. 

When you go deeper on an unconscious level, you will find that you are struggling with the human form, with your physicality.  You are starting to get in touch with Who You Really Are as an essence, as a divine spark, as a divine expression, as an aspect of Creator; you are more and more conscious of your spirituality, of your connection to Source and Creator and yet you are still holding a physical form, a human body that is a temporary expression.  You are faced with having to accept that.  You are focusing on your spirituality and your divinity and suddenly that doesn’t seem to match with being in human form and the physical body.  This brings up confusion about how to be this pure divine spiritual essence while still having this human form.  And then comes up the belief systems that maybe sexuality is not spiritual or it is not acceptable to mix spirituality with sexuality… 

All of these conflicts about sexuality and the physicality and mixing that with being a spiritual person have to do with our humanity, in other words, accepting ourselves as also being human.  Some of you are very much connected to the human form, but many are not.  So the human body, the human form, makes us feel awkward and uncomfortable.  Are we giving up something, are we violating our spiritual connection?  Are we doing this right?  Should we be doing this?  And so on…

In our next communication, we will see how to fix this situation in order to allow your physical body to be whatever it is and wants to be…

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