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Understanding Intimate Relationships

Greetings and welcome to our on-going series on "Dare To Be You", which gives insight into reclaiming the ability to be Who You Really Are. (If you are new to this series, we would like to recommend that you consider enjoying the entire series, which can be found in the archives).

So before we get into our guided exercise, I would like to address two other factors in the topic of relationships; and these are ‘control’ and ‘identity’.  As we begin to share our inner being with other individuals, we might feel that we are losing control of our personality. The human mind makes you believe that you have to be in control of your packaging so to speak – how you appear to others.  You have to be in control and you should not allow yourself to lose that control at any point in time.

In this setting of being in an intimate relationship, where you are simply wanting to share your inner being and simply trying to be Who You Really Are, there is this belief system that you are giving up the control over how you are appearing to the other person.  This need to control how you appear to others is very much fabricated by the human belief system.  The collective consciousness and this belief system tell you that you have to appear this way or to behave that way.  Therefore, the control issue is not aligned.  If you are truly at peace with who you are, you don’t need to control anything; you don’t need to control yourself or to control others:  you have nothing to control.  You are in control because you are simply at peace with who you are.  Having to keep a certain control is really a misalignment that needs to be worked on.  We need to release the need to control everything.

Your identity is another point that is very much connected to this intimate relationship topic.  You feel that if you open up deeply with someone else, you are losing something, perhaps losing who you really are because your feelings begin to change and you get dragged into the other person’s expectations of you.  This is also a part of the mind control; that you are losing something, giving away something by being Who You Really Are.  If you share your inner being with someone else in an intimate setting, that makes you lose something.  There is something very confusing happening in this case about the energetic exchange between two people.  In other words, as you are coming into an intimate setting with another human being, we can say that the two energy fields start to merge together and you start to interact in a way where your feelings are shared by each other.  You are interacting energetically and electromagnetically when you come together with another being.  And so in that sense, it is not that you are losing anything.  It is simply that you are merging with this other consciousness and sometimes you are so close together that you can’t even differentiate between your feelings and their feelings and this can create some confusion for both of you.

Therefore, you start to get confused and you ask yourself:  ‘Wait a minute, what is it that I am feeling?  Am I feeling my feelings?  Or am I feeling their feelings?  Or am I operating out of my own fears, my own belief systems or am I feeling their fears and belief systems?’  There is a huge amount of confusion because of this very natural, organic, energetic exchange that happens.  In that sense, it is true that you feel that this merging is confusing.  So, because you can’t even tell where you begin and where you end so to speak, it gives you the impression or the illusion that you have lost your own boundary.  You have given part of your boundary to this other person because you can’t even think for yourself. 

And because there is an organic, natural phenomenon that happens through this merging, the confusion is also quite real.  The good news is that it can be fixed.  If you understand that this is something natural, because of the energies coming together, then you can allow these energies to merge together. You can, through intent and through other exercises, make sure that you can still maintain your own identity, your own feelings, your own belief systems.  Also if you want to hold on to your own fears and make sure they are yours and not someone else’s, then you can also do that! 
But how can you do this if you are not clear yourself?  This is why we go back to the main issue of this whole series:  going back to reclaiming, focusing and owning Who You Really Are, your true essence!  If you are not clear on your inner being, your true essence and who you are really, then how can you create any sort of boundaries?  By boundary, I don’t mean separation; it simply means the clarity of Who You Really Are, your own identity.  All of this can get very confusing and this is why I would like to bring this up as an exercise; to go back and focus on how to differentiate Who You Really Are.  This is not only about sexuality, it is about all connections where you come in contact intimately with another being, where you open up deeply your own soul to another person.   Even these situations can bring confusion.   

If you can go back to understanding what the soul really is and how it really operates, then you have a better chance of owning it and operating from it.  And as you get used to doing that, you can come in contact with other individuals intimately (or not intimately) and you can still hold on to this identity.  You will create the relationship that you want because you are clear on Who You Really Are, you see. 

In our next communication, we will continue with the topic of sexuality and we will also be addressing the issue of being in a physical human body.

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