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A Guided Meditation To Begin To Remember Who You Really Are

In this communication, I will first start by answering a few questions about the topic of creation as it applies to becoming Who You Really Are.  It will be followed by a meditation; a guided exercise that will allow you to experience all what has been explained.  This will allow your physical brain to start recognizing this Real aspect of you, which is not just the spirit, the soul or an imprecise concept but very much present as a part of your consciousness.  For those who are sensitive, you will be able to see or feel the difference between these energy fields and this aspect of your consciousness.

Therefore, this experience will allow your physical brain to start recognizing which energy is the real YOU, your true essence as compared to your energy field, the one related to your physical body.  And the more your physical brain starts to discern Who You Really Are, the more you can train it to go back to this aspect of your consciousness and allow it to be in this alignment and to stay in this vibration more and more as you create your life.  This will also bring about a remembrance of Who You Really Are.  From that place, you can then use the Creative Formula, and the 3D part of your reality will begin to manifest and flow easily.
Now, let’s start by answering a couple of questions relevant to this topic:
Question 1:  Hello Caroline, I have read and enjoyed all the books, especially ‘The Divine Plan’, can you elaborate on the Creator Order, the different orders of these intelligent beings?
Caroline: This is interesting because the question is relevant in the sense that as you begin to tune into Who You Really Are - your true essence - you will also start to remember your connection to the Divine Order, your unique connection.  Each one of you has a very unique connection to Creator that is absolutely intimate and direct and different than anybody else.  I will cover this explanation in a different segment of this series as there are thousands of different types of beings in the universe.  For now what I want to bring up, as you do this exercise,  has to do with your work.  This exercise will also allow you to sense the type of being that you are and how you fit in the Divine Order in terms of work and the contract. OK?
Question 2:  When I begin to tune in into my higher self, I get very excited and then I get flooded with emotions.  These emotions then weaken the connection.  How do we clear out the emotions quickly?
Caroline:  You clear it out simply by intending to bring it back to where you want.  Also before you get into the connection, you can also intend very specifically for what you want.  So we will set a very clear intent, for example, if you are to feel very strongly connected with your higher self or Who You Really Are  that your emotions don’t become a hindrance but simply allow you to feel things deeper so that you can stay on track.
Question 3:  As we begin to remember and live through our true connection, will we begin to operate as a planetary consciousness?
Caroline:  Yes of course, that is precisely the point of this:  the more you do this work and this is what we are doing with this series, we’re going to clean the house, every aspect of our 3D reality has to match Who You Really Are.  If you really want to graduate, if you really want to move and do this right, you have to take every aspect of your 3D reality and align it, match it with the vibration of Who You Really Are, your true essence; not with the world outside of you, not with the ego, not with what you think you should do or how much stuff you have, none of this, but match up your life with Who You Really Are! 
And so, eventually as you align your work expression, your artistic expression with Who You Really Are and then your relationships, the way you create relationships with Who You Really Are and then align your social interactions and every aspect of your 3D reality with Who You Really Are, then you start to operate in 3D reality from the powerful position of Who You Really Are.  And Who You Really Are is a divine consciousness in a physical body and that is the work!
So this exercise will first allow you to discern the part of your energy field that is connected to your 3D, in other words:  your physical body and your brain.  Then we are going to expand and merge with the aspect of your consciousness that I call Spirit Energy which is Who You Really Are and from that place, we are going to begin to dissolve all the fears and belief systems that have to do with your work situation.  We are then going to bring in the remembrance of Who You Really Are in terms of your work and use the Creative Formula to begin this creative process.  Whatever we begin today will continue to manifest in the coming weeks and wherever we leave off today, we will be able to continue next time.
We need to take one area at a time and by the end of this work, you would have addressed all the areas in your life so that you remember that you are a divine being.  You will be going back to your true essence, manifesting or expressing your true essence through a human body and this is when it becomes a lot of fun!  At this time, I believe that you would have truly fulfilled your destiny and your incarnation contract.

Now to start doing the real work, listen to this guided exercise and allow yourself to experience.  This meditation can be repeated and as you do it, you will get more and more clarity on Who You Really Are…

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