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Accepting Your Physicality

Greetings and welcome to our on-going series on "Dare To Be You", which gives insight into reclaiming the ability to be Who You Really Are. (If you are new to this series, we would like to recommend that you consider enjoying the entire series starting with number 1 from the above list). 

Now how can you fix the conflicts between sexuality, physicality and spirituality? How can you allow your physical body to experience fully while at the same time continue focusing on yourselves as true divine essence. You are originally a spirit form and not a physical form. The more you will go back to this inner being and honouring it by being at peace with Who You Really Are, the more the topic of the human body being simply a material shape that you are expressing yourself through becomes a non-issue. Your higher consciousness, which is your true divine essence, can now express itself through the physical form without making it an issue. In other words, there is such a match that you start to be very aligned. Your physical body, your physical consciousness and your human mind are all aligned with your higher consciousness. 

The topics of spirituality and sexuality and holding the physical form become a non-issue when you are in perfect alignment with Who You Really Are. To be in a physical form or not to be in physical form is not a block anymore. All of this has to do with you simply being at peace with Who You Really Are in physical form by accepting or coming to terms with your physicality, meaning truly accepting and honoring this human form as your own. As you are beginning to tap into Who You Really Are, your true divine essence and loving it, you also have to get to a place of loving the physical form. If there is any sort of discomfort or dislike or feeling that the physical form is beneath you, that you are bigger and better than that, it creates a misalignment and you are not truly at peace with who you are. 

There is a reason why we are all appearing as humans. We are here to do something with this physical body and not just about involvement in intimate relationships. This physical form is very purposeful because humans are creating through collective consciousness. If you didn’t have physical bodies you could not affect the collective mind consciousness in the same way. A divine being in spirit form cannot affect the collective consciousness of humanity. To do this you need to be in a human form. In addition to this, you have to honor this human form and make sure it is aligned with your spiritual essence - without any conflict. You can resolve all of these issues through energetic reprogramming, which sheds the old misaligned belief systems about the physical body, intimacy and intimate relationship. All you need to do is reprogram the misaligned beliefs which allows you to go back to a place where you will have a deep sense of being at peace with Who You Really Are. When you are creating from that place, everything that you do, including intimate relationships, will be amazing. The reason why it is not working is because you are still not 100% at peace with Who You Really Are and that is precisely what we are going to work on. 

Let’s now answer a couple of questions.

Question 1: What are some of the sexual activities or attitudes that can get in the way of our spiritual growth? Can you have too much sex, is it wrong to have more than one sexual partner?

Caroline: Basically, it is really about your belief system. That is the reason why I said you have to take the time to create your own belief system about sexuality. For example, you have to decide if it is your purpose to be here in this physical form and to attain the highest spiritual consciousness that you can? What is really your purpose? You have to be clear and it is not necessary the same for everyone one. Remember that we inherit other people’s beliefs. This is the time to decide what are your own beliefs. Is it important for you in this life time to attain the highest spiritual enlightenment or self-realization? If so, you write that first important thing down. And then you ask how can I then have a sex life that matches this? You will then create and be guided to do exactly what you need to do and you will know exactly the sexual practices that are aligned and those that are not aligned. It is not for me to tell you what you should do or not do. You are here to create your own reality according to what you want. I am only here to give you the tools that help you have clarity on what you want. Decide what you want and write it down. You can say: ‘This is who I really am, therefore, spirit self, higher consciousness, guide me so that my 3D matches exactly that.’

Question 2: In mastering your human mind about sexual relationships, can we also have a rule of engagement about a protective shield around our spiritual identity?

Caroline: You always have a spiritual shield, however most of the time you are not aware of it. When you engage with others be it at work or socially or in any other activity, you are constantly coming in contact with others. Your protective shield is always there. When you do the Connection to Source, you raise your vibration and you strengthen that shield. Therefore, before you enter into another relationship, you can ask for that shield to be more present. However, we already talked about how, by merging the energies of two people together, this makes you feel that your shield is down or being interfered with. All you have to do is to simply bring back that shield by doing the connection and creating the sacred space around you. 

Many people are asking why you have to constantly recreate the sacred space and do the connection, why can’t you just do it once for the rest of your life?’ It doesn’t really work this way. It is like taking a shower and staying clean forever! You take a shower and you are clean, but then you go outside and you are interacting with the physical world again and you have to shower again. You are in a physical space and you are interacting with other beings all the time! So you have to always re create this sacred space around you – at the end of the day – just before you start you day – just like you would take a shower. 

Question 3: Our essence is divine but, as you said, we are determined by social consciousness. So how do we get to discover our essence or to experience our destiny here in 3D?

Caroline: Of course, this is all what this work is about. You open up to Who you really are, your true essence by doing all of this work through the webcasts, through the reprogramming, through the books. There is a lot of material and tools that I have shared with you. That is how you will be able to go back to your true essence. However, the first step is to ask for it. You have to say that you “want” to be Who you really are, that you want to open up to your true divine essence here, in this human form. You want to create your own belief system and you want to manifest your true divinity according to your own belief systems and so on. And then you will have the guidance to do so and you will awaken that way to Who you really are…

Question 4: I don’t like any of my beliefs about sex, but I don’t know what other types of beliefs I could replace them with. 

Caroline: This is a great question. You don’t have to know exactly what you should believe but you can at least take out the beliefs that you don’t like and replace them with a belief that matches your first item, your first line item … remember? Earlier I said you have to simply decide Who You Really Are, what is really your main purpose in this life expression. Is it for you to just experiment with your physical body? Fair enough! It is up to you, there is no right or wrong. But once you decide that you are here to do this or that, to self-realize, to be the highest purest form of divine being in this physical body, then as you reprogram, you take out the stuff that you don’t like and you simply replace it with the ones that match your first belief system or intent.

Question 5: How does one tell that it is not our own beliefs?

Caroline: Again, you see how it is amazing that when you are inheriting all these belief systems from other people, you can’t even tell what is yours and what is not. The only way to find out is through feeling and not so much through your head. It is to feel what is a match to your true divine essence.

We are going to do some work now in the guided exercise which hopefully will help you answer some of your questions. Basically, you are going to bring up all the belief systems that you have about intimacy and about sexuality and about really being Who you are. How can you really be Who you are in an intimate setting. In this guided meditation and exercise, you are going to bring up all of the misaligned beliefs and you will be able to feel them. And you will reprogram them with new ones, the ones of your choosing and if you are not clear, you can simply say the ones that match your higher spiritual path. You are also going to recreate a new belief system and a new energy within you that allows you to now gravitate towards a way of life, a way of being, an intimate setting that is more coherent with your true divine essence.

Guided Exercice
'Accepting Your Physicality'

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