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Experiencing Who You Really Are!

So let’s begin with the continuation from our last communication titled “How To Use The Creative Formula” and start the actual meditation that was introduced then. 

As you get comfortable, you will be guided through a short but important exercise to help you understand and experience how your energy (Who You Really Are) wants to express itself and what type of work you could do, both at the energetic level and in the 3D earthly reality.  Just let the meditation flow and allow the energy to express itself through your human frame and let’s see what happens…

We will now address some of your questions.

Question 1:         Thanks so much for this.
Caroline:              You are very welcome....

Question 2:         I was having a clear feeling of being rebirthed. 
Caroline:              Of course!  That is exactly it!  Then also what we did is to reprogram your human mind to stop directing.  Because that is not how you create your work.  It is the real you that should direct and that’s what we’ve done today which is huge .

Question 3:         I saw a bubble floating in the air.  It would seem that the atmosphere has something to do with my work.
Caroline:              Yes, it makes perfect sense.

Question 4:         Wonderful experience.

Question 5:          It was a blanket that laid across the land (seems like the West?) flowing over the land...'
Caroline:              So in this case, this is what you should be asking yourself:  How does that translate into a job?  You see this energy goes over the land.  So if you allow that to be, you continue to connect with the land to gain more clarity as to what the land is doing, what you should be doing with it. Before you know it, if you allow yourself to create from that perspective, the manifestation in your 3D reality will follow.  You will be called to do some sort of a project on this land or if you have any sort of specialty maybe with horticulture or with trees or something like that, you will create a job with that on that land.  You see what I mean?  The manifestation in the 3D reality follows this energetic work - that is the trick.

As you can all see, there is a lot going on.  This last example was perfect for you to interpret what you saw or felt.  And if you didn’t see, it doesn’t even matter because this meditation also included a new programming to move you forward and help you create in the right way.  I hope you have enjoyed this exercise. 

In the meantime, for those who are serious and want to go deeper, you need to work on yourselves to clear the way, release the unconscious blocks, the fears, the old programming that no longer serves you anymore.  We recommend to visit our vast library containing powerful healing sessions and do them.  These are powerful tools to help you clear your blocks and fears and they will support and help you on a higher level. No true self-realization can be achieved without releasing your unconscious beliefs and fears.   This is why I deeply encourage you to do as much healing and clearing as you can.  These tools have been developed so that anybody can have access to them easily and it is very affordable.

The healing sessions are divided in categories and you will find them by clicking on the following links:

Extracted from the live series 'Dare To Be You!'  To listen to the entire series, go to:  Dare To Be You!

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