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This article is based on the book 
“The Divine Plan: Beyond 2012” by Caroline Cory 

Each created planet holds a grid system that serves to distribute the energy flow from the core of the universe throughout its plane. The grid system is designed according to a configuration similar to that of its own universe. The vibrational coherence between the planet's grid and its universe allows a seamless flow of information from the core as well as from any part of the universe into the planet's environment.

The Earth's grid system consists of 3 intricately intertwined matrices: a transport system, a communication system and a time-and-dimensional-space system. These 3 grid systems appear as a stupendous matrix of light beams and axes and occupy the space between the surface of the Earth and its boundary located at 5,000 miles above the planet.

On an individual level, the entire grid system of the Earth, which includes myriad axes, zero points and manifold vortexes, correlates perfectly with the organization of the human brain. As such, each section of the human brain is actively supported by an equivalent grid line, axis or vortex within the grid system, allowing the individual to have the experience of “earthly reality.” However, in the event a grid line, axis or vortex becomes tampered with or dismantled, its corresponding match in the human brain also becomes inactive – limiting the human experience to a mere 3-dimensions and alienating it entirely from the universal flow emanating from Source.

What is multi-dimensionality and how is it experienced? In terms of experience, dimensionality can be defined as various aspects or layers of reality. It is also relative to consciousness expansion. The more evolved the consciousness, the more it is able to experience simultaneous dimensions or layers of reality. Therefore, expanding one's consciousness is the way by which all beings become multi-dimensional.

On any given planet, the number of dimensions is defined by the shape or structure of the grid system through which the universal cosmic light can penetrate and access this planet. In the case of the Earth, the cosmic light and energy flow coming to us from outer space is currently filtered through the dodecahedral shape of the planetary grid and thus abides by its formation in creating the 32 layers of reality or dimensions. The 32 layers are derived from the number of vortices and faces -or coordinates - that make up the dodecahedral shape of the grid system. And since shape and geometry have resonance and vibration, the 32 access points or coordinates of the grid system relate to specific frequency ranges and vibrations that the human brain tunes into and experiences. This means that the typical human recognizes 3-dimensional space as “reality” while in fact existing in a 32-dimensional plane.

The dodecahedral grid shape of the Earth, however, does not comply with the intelligent design or universal blueprint with which a typical grid structure and harmonics are originally created. Such geometric forms as the platonic shapes – which include the dodecahedron – are based on the polyhedron, which is a mathematically finite number.

The base of all life, including physical life, is continuous motion, continuous self-regeneration, self-management and self-sustenance. The dodecahedron of the earth grid, which is a finite configuration – along with all the manifested forms therein – is thus “false,” invented or man-made, therefore unsupported by the universal design. This means that life on Earth as we know it has complied for millennia with an energetic form and principles unrecognized by the infinite laws of creation and, therefore, does not exist! The life on Earth that we know is indeed an illusory reality that must eventually be mended and restored to its original universal blueprint. This is also the true reason why experience on Earth is mostly based on non-unifying principles such as personal gain, separation and competition rather than infinite potentiality and connectedness.

As of the tremendous cosmic shift that completes in 2011, however, the earth grid will begin to alter its shape as well as reposition the planet in a new geometric alignment with the galactic and the universal cores. The new earth grid will appear as a continuous interlaced formation of hexagonal shapes covering the circumference of the planet at the approximate same location of 5,000 to 7,000 miles above the surface of the Earth. The hexagonal formations will in fact become visible around all planets part of this solar system, namely Saturn and Venus. These coherent and well-organized hexagonal formations are yet to be uncovered around other planets in our solar system.

Saturn's Hexagons - Picture by NASA
The shape reconfiguration of the Earth grid will also alter the amount of cosmic light that reaches the Earth and the way by which this light is experienced by the individual. It is the cosmic light bending - as it refracts against the earth grid – that is absorbed by the pineal gland and the physical brain that creates the illusion of 3 dimensions. However, when this light bending is altered through the new grid reconfiguration, the pineal gland will create a new receptor, so to speak, to accommodate the newly added light octaves – thus producing an additional dimensional experience. The new earth grid will then allow access to all points within the galaxy and the universe, transforming the current human spectrum drastically from a limited 3-dimensional reality contained within a finite 32dimensional grid to infinite perceptual multi-dimensionality and consciousness potentiality.

Recently, mainstream science has been able to identify a "grid-like" structure to the brain. I am hoping that soon enough, they will find its correlation with the structure of the planetary grid and begin to draw bigger conclusions on the nature and functioning of the human nervous system among other things. See image below.

Credit: Van Wedeen, M.D., Martinos Center and Dept. of Radiology, Massachusetts
General Hospital and Harvard University Medical School

The synchronicity of the Earth's grid movement with the geophysical adjustments and the transmutation of the human brain make this transition a natural and gradual yet unprecedented event, allowing the Earth to finally settle into a new position in perfect coherence with the universal design and the divine Source. This is certainly a long awaited and most jubilant time in the Earth's history and the future evolution of human kind. 


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