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We Attract What We Vibrate...

Hello everyone!    

And for those who are new, we recommend you check out the previous communications also, because this series of insights is developed in a step by step manner.   Now let’s move right along with the material of today’s blog ‘Dare To Be You’ which will help activate ‘Who You Really Are’.

So enough already!  We live in this crazy world that tells us ‘You need to look like this’, ‘You need to have this degree’, ‘You need to behave a certain way’ because you are a girl, because you are a boy,  because all of these are fabricated belief systems that we inherit from our parents and humanity, from generations and generations.  With this information provided here you now have access to effective and practical tools which will assist you in clearing out these old, limiting patterns.   At the same time that you participate in this series, the additional work that you can do by taking the classes and doing the healing sessions will allow you to really reprogram your cellular memory.  Everything that you have been inheriting:  the belief systems, the identity issues or the way you think you should be, the type of job that you should have, the relationship that you should have, all of this is now part of your cellular memory.  This is information that you have put into your cells, believe it or not!  So now your cells, your consciousness, is behaving and creating according to this information that has been added by you...up to.

The good news is that with the Omnium method of learning, healing and reprogramming, we can take out this information and start from scratch to put in your cells exactly what you want. This is a reprogramming, a reconfiguration of your DNA and a reprogramming of your consciousness so that you start to create exactly what you want and not what others want you to create.

And so in the previous segments of this series ‘Dare To Be You’, we focused mostly on how you express yourself through the type of work or the career that you think you should have.  We also learned how to  go to a place of authenticity in expressing yourself in your work or career.  And we worked on really experiencing Who You Really Are as an essence not just as a concept or abstract thing, but more as an authentic and real energy.  It is an energy field which is interconnected with your physical energy field.  One part of this energy field is the human aspect of you that is misaligned because it has just inherited the wrong information.  The other part of this energy field is the true essence that you came with that is very pure and that still contains a blueprint, a DNA, that is very much aligned with higher frequencies.

And why do we need to really understand that?  Because what you create, the way you are, what you are focused on is the way you vibrate.  And the way you vibrate is the way you are going to create your outer reality.  If you are focused on something as simple as a movie for instance and now you are feeling very frightened or freaked out or if you are feeling a lot of anxiety because you are simply watching something – even though it is a movie, it is not supposed to be real – then you start to vibrate in that same frequency, meaning the anxiety that you are witnessing on television or in that movie is now your expression, your vibration.  And so, as you are now vibrating in this place of anxiety, guess what you are attracting?  You are attracting your match, you see?

And that is why this is a big problem, because you all know about the Law of Attraction.  It is a universal and physical law that works absolutely whether you think about it or not, whether you like it or not, whether you are conscious of it or not, it is going to work.  Because your emotions, your state of being and your thoughts are an actual electrical charge. The actual energy that comes out of you is composed of small particles of energy that are now sent out into the unified field and these vibrations are now attracting their match. And so that is why we have to really know how we are vibrating to know exactly how we are  attracting or manifesting our 3D reality.

So in our next blog, we will consider how to focus on our alignment and raise our vibration in terms of our social interactions and our interactions with the environment.

In the meantime, for those who are serious and want to go deeper, you need to work on yourselves to clear the way, release the unconscious blocks, the fears, the old programming that no longer serves you anymore.  We recommend to visit our vast library containing powerful healing sessions and do them.  These are powerful tools to help you clear your blocks and fears and they will support and help you on a higher level. No true self-realization can be achieved without releasing your unconscious beliefs and fears.   This is why I deeply encourage you to do as much healing and clearing as you can.  These tools have been developed so that anybody can have access to them easily and it is very affordable.

The healing sessions are classified in different categories and you will find them by clicking on the following links:


Extracted from the live series 'Dare To Be You!'  To listen to the entire series, go to:  Dare To Be You!

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