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Staying in Alignment with the Divine Flow!

In our last communication, we saw how you attract what you vibrate out into the world.

We will now look at how to focus on being aligned with the divine flow and raise your vibration, in terms of your social interactions.  We will take a moment to really go through the next exercise to study and pay attention to what you are vibrating out into your daily social interactions.  Remember:  the way you are vibrating is the way you are creating. 

So for example, let’s just take a typical day.  Of course, everybody has a different typical day, but let’s assume that this is a typical day in your life.  So you start your day by getting up, taking a shower, having breakfast, going for a run, going to work, etc., etc., right?

You are still in the first couple of hours of this new day yet you have already interacted with your environment and with the people in your life, family members for example or friends.  This may or may not be conscious.  However, now you need to begin to become conscious of every choice you are making every moment of the day. Every word you say, the way you think and everything that you do is part of Who You Are.  If you are not conscious of all these tiny little choices, then you are not aware of how your 3D reality is manifesting and therefore you cannot change it.  If you are not aware of how you are interacting, how you are making these little choices, you will not be able to change your life.

Let’s continue this exercise by examining the motivations behind your choices.  So if you get up early in the morning, do you get up at 7:00 am because you have to or because you really want to or because you have some duties?  Depending on the energy behind this choice of getting up at 7:00 in the morning is a huge amount of creation, you see!  If you are getting up at this time because you have to take care of your kids and get them ready to go to school but you hate every moment of it because you would actually prefer to get up at 8:30 or 9:00, then you are making a choice where you are interacting already with your 3D environment with the wrong energy behind it.  It’s an energy of resentment or of frustration.  And right there, from the very first moment of the day, you are already in a misaligned energy because you are starting your day doing something that is not authentic, that is not aligned with Who You Really Are because it is not really bringing you full joy. 

Of course, you are going to ask:  ‘But I am supposed to take care of the kids - who’s going to take care of the kids?’  And that is precisely what you need to become aware of.  You can still have responsibilities, you can still interact with your environment and you can still do everything you have or want to do while making sure that you are in alignment, in joy, even if this task is a responsibility or a duty.  As soon as you vibrate in resentment, you then attract more resentment.  If you can switch the feeling of resentment to joy or fun or adventure or if you are feeling that you are doing all of this from a place of love, then your entire experience will not only be different for yourself, but it will also be different for your kids.  And what happens from that point on is that whatever you attract is now matching the vibration of love rather than the vibration of resentment of anger or frustration.

So let’s keep going.  You are about to have breakfast now.   Are you eating breakfast because you have a belief system that you should have breakfast because breakfast is the most important meal of the day?  Or do you believe that you have to choose the food that keeps you slim or give you energy?  So your choice is not so much about the taste but more about the energy this food provides, the minerals and the proteins that it brings you even though you are not enjoying the taste?  How are you making your choices as you interact with your environment?  In this example, how do you choose the type of food you are going to eat? 

It sounds like nothing but it is huge!  It is so important to become conscious every moment of your day.  Everything that you do, everything that you say, everything that you are has to be aligned.  The purpose of this exercise is that you become conscious of every choice that you do.    You can still choose breakfast items that are healthy for you but from a place of really feeling that you like this item not because you have to have it or you shouldn’t have other items because they are too fattening.  There is a difference between making a choice based on the belief that:  ‘I have to do this’ or ‘this is what I have heard is really good for me’ and choices based on:  ‘I am loving every minute of this breakfast, every minute of this interaction, every part of this energy that is flowing through me even as I am doing something as simple as having breakfast’. 

Again, it is all about alignment.  For example, most of you have a cell phone.  When you are talking on the cell phone, if you make a couple of steps in one direction, you may lose the signal of the mobile phone and you will not be able to hear the other person on the other end.  And you have only moved a couple of steps to the right or to the left.  You are now out of range, you are out of alignment of that signal and you lose it just like that.   But if you go back, if you step back, even only two tiny steps, if you go back to wherever you were, then you receive the signal very clearly, right there and it will be received very clearly without any issues.

So what does this all mean?  It may seem like a very small or insignificant adjustment but the result of this very small adjustment is huge because those two steps to the right disconnect you from the alignment that allows you to receive information – but what information and from where?  Not from your friend on the other side of the line!  You are simply not receiving the divine flow from your higher consciousness, from Source, from that higher intelligence that brings you all the guidance that you need to keep moving you forward in your daily 3D reality.  And that is why this minor adjustment has a huge repercussion on your 3D life.   The more you remain in this misalignment – the two steps to the right – the more you remain outside this reception range.  All of this because you think you need to be saving a little bit of money or this food is better for you or this or that.  From the shower to your breakfast, to the way you dress, the way you look, who you are going to call, who you are going to speak to, who you are going to have lunch with today - is it because you promised this person and you feel obligated or do you really want to – you are in a constant decision process.  Multiply every little choice that you make in your 3D reality and it becomes your entire day!

Are you going to work because you have to pay the bills, yet in fact you hate every minute of it…but you are still making this choice every single day because you have to pay the bills?  And then you have to live with that choice all these hours of the day.  Then in the evening, when you come back exhausted and you force yourself to go to the gym or this yoga class - how are you vibrating?  How did you make this choice?  Are you in the range, are you in the right alignment or are you in the misaligned range?   You are continuously making choices, tiny or insignificant choices about every single aspect of our 3D life and you are not paying attention to the fact that these choices are having a huge impact on your ability to remain in the flow.

Therefore you need to begin to pay attention to your choices and every time you find yourself in the alignment that is two steps too far to the right, make sure you stop what you are doing and bring yourself back two steps to the left, to the centered place that allows you to receive information and be in the divine flow.  You can visualize this as if you are on stage somewhere and you have a spotlight shining right at you.  So when you are in the spotlight, you can read your lines, you can see everything and everybody can see you and you receive exactly the information that you need - in this beam of light.  But if you take one step to the right or two steps to the left, you are outside that beam and you become invisible, unreachable!  We cannot see where you are.  How do you expect your higher self or your guides or Creator to send you that divine flow when you are not paying attention, when you are outside that beam of light?

It is exactly like this and as simple as that.  So until our next communication, practice becoming aware of your choices and make sure you are in alignment with your higher self to stay in the divine flow.

In the meantime, for those who are serious and want to go deeper, you need to work on yourselves to clear the way, release the unconscious blocks, the fears, the old programming that no longer serves you anymore. We recommend to visit our vast library containing powerful healing sessions and do them. These are powerful tools to help you clear your blocks and fears and they will support and help you on a higher level. No true self-realization can be achieved without releasing your unconscious beliefs and fears. This is why I deeply encourage you to do as much healing and clearing as you can. These tools have been developed so that anybody can have access to them easily and it is very affordable.

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